Tips for Walking Your Pup in Wet Weather

Walking your pup  is one of the easiest ways to get your fur-baby  to exercise and remain physically active. Unfortunately, you can’t always count on the weather to remain sunny and bright all the time. The question of whether it’s a good idea to even take your fur-ball outside during wet weather comes to mind. Luckily, we have some helpful tips for every puppy parent to consider when walking your buddy in rainy weather.

Protection comes first

It’s easy to think that a pup’s furry coat will keep them warm in all kinds of weather, even a rainy one. However, too much exposure to cold rain leaves your fur-baby vulnerable to hypothermia, which can lead to serious health complications. Make sure your fur-baby  is always protected from the rain. You can do so by purchasing raincoats, boots, and umbrellas designed especially to shield them from cold, rainy weather.

Think of your dog’s comfort

Some pups go absolutely nuts for rainy weather. They’ll jump in puddles and even run around outside during a downpour. Most puppies, however, don’t like wet weather and will instinctively seek places that shield them from it. You should never force your pup to walk outside in the rain. Instead, try to implement positive reinforcement training, such as using treats to encourage them to go outside in wet weather. Making it a positive experience will help your pup grow accustomed to the rain, and thus, becoming easier to walk your pup during such times.

Choose the right location

Before walking your fur-baby in rainy weather, consider searching for a location that blocks out some of the rain. What we mean is to search for an area that has lots of trees or is mostly covered as this can greatly limit the amount of rain your fur-ball is exposed to. It can be a park, a specific area in your neighborhood, or a tented location. By choosing the right location, you can avoid the hassle of walking your pup in the rain.

Avoid busy areas

Try your hardest to avoid busy areas. These locations are often full of cars, puddles, and other obstacles that makes your puppy walking experience just a tad bit stressful. A car driving by can easily splash water and mud onto you and your poor fur-ball. Also, if you walking a puppy, the sounds of cars, people, and the feel of wet weather can overwhelm them, causing anxiety for everyone involved. By picking an area with light traffic and lots of open spaces, walking your pup in the rain becomes less hectic.

Finish dry

After every walk, it’s very important to dry your fur-baby as thoroughly as you can, paying close attention and care to delicate areas such as their chest and paws. While it is tempting to use a hairdryer for a quick dry, we heavily recommend using towels to prevent excessively drying their skin. Drying your pup’s fur can also prevent any smelly “wet dog” odor that can stem from having damp hair for too long. It would be a win-win for both you and your doggy.

Walking your puppy in wet weather can have its pros and cons but it doesn’t need to be a stressful experience. With a calm attitude and patience, your dog can have the best experience and activity in weather that they may not normally like. To learn more about how to keep your puppy physically active and engaged, please check out our blog post: 7 Ways to Keep Your Puppy Entertained.

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